10 Most Nerve-racking Kidnappings Caught on Camera

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2) Feltonville, Philadelphia Abduction, June 2012

In Philadelphia, PA.. A security camera captures the moment a 9-year old girl was rushed out of her home and into an alleyway by an abductor, early one Thursday morning on June 21st, 2012. The girl described a scenario fit for a nightmare, when she awoke to the icy touch of a strange man that grabbed her leg while she slept in her bed. The suspect was described as a tall, thin, black man who was also strangely naked except for a green mask. That’s when she was taken from her 2nd floor bedroom, rushed down to the 1st floor where he picked up some clothes, and then darted into an alleyway with the girl in hand, disabling a light fixture that would’ve given him away. Her parents heard commotion outside their room, but before they could react, the girl had already been taken. The little girl screamed “No! No! No!” in the moments following her disappearance. The victim was led away for several blocks, and thereafter assaulted. He left the girl at a nearby schoolyard. The victim was recovered as she came running home. The suspect remains at large.

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