15 Hilarious Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Memes

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Hilarious Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Memes
It has been over a week since Samsung officially stopped production of Galaxy Note 7 devices. The Korean tech giant recalled the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones not once but twice over a period of nearly two months before finally putting an end to the hazardous Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Ever since the News of Samsung axing its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to safety concerns came out, it has sparked a wave of hilarious memes on social media and things are only getting worse.

Below are the Hilarious Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Memes from the internet.

Image: inafarawaygalaxy


Image: iCipriani_


Image: William Humes


Image: TimfromDa70s


Image: ThomboyD


Image: thurrott
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