Adorable Baby Pranks Dad with Fake Crying as He Tries to Trim Her Nails

Adorable Baby Pranks Dad with Fake Crying – The video, uploaded on Facebook and YouTube, shows a man making numerous attempts to trim his infant daughter’s fingernails.

Marcelinha, an adorable little girl in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has just become the internet’s cutest prankster after a video of her pranking her dad went viral. Each and every time her Dad comes closer her with the nail trimmer, she screams and lets out fake cries. The activity quickly switches hilarious for both father and daughter.The hilarious video has gone viral on social media with an incredible number of views and thousands of shares.

She is merely a couple of months old but she is already familiar with the trick. We hope we’ll see more antics from this clever and mischievous little girl in the future!

Alert: The fun in this video is contagious. Watch at you own risk 🙂 This video will absolutely make your day!

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