30 Dumb and Funny Yahoo Answers & Questions

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30 Dumb Funny Yahoo Answers & Questions: As we all know, Yahoo! Answers is a brilliant way to find, share knowledge & information on any topic. People ask & answer the questions on any topic from all around the world. But there are few dumb people who keep posting some stupid questions which lets us die laughing. Dumb Funny Yahoo Answers

Hence, today I’ve gathered here some of the funniest (and dumbest) Yahoo! Answers fails, questions that probably none of us would ever think of. Thought of sharing them with you people.

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30 Dumb Funny Yahoo Answers & Questions:

Who can I email with some questions about space travel?

How long does it take to get from Philadelphia to Narnia by train?

How do I turn off my caps lock?

Locked my keys in my car?Dumb Funny Yahoo Answers

What is the country Canada all about? Funny Yahoo answers

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