Guy Pranks His Girlfriend In Best Bathroom Prank of all time!

Best girlfriend prank – Have you ever think of the sweetest thing you can do for your girlfriend and boyfriend? Making our special someone smile and laugh with a prank is what we normally do when we find them sad or bored. Sometimes we tend to think of something crazy just to have some fun. Just like what the man did in this video.

Take a look what this naughty guy did to prank his girlfriend. By pouring some flour in his girlfriend’s blower Zar become successful in his prank. As Ares finished taking a bath she immediately turn on the blower and point the blower to her hair.

The girl feel shock when a flour blast into her face. The girl can’t believe with what the boyfriend did to her but she still remain to be calm and sweet to her boyfriend. Obviously the two are having a great relationship. It’s nice to see them happy making fun with each other.

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