30 Incredible Bird-Eye View Photos Taken From A Plane

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30 Incredible Bird-Eye View Photos Taken From A Plane: Photographer Alex MacLean, who is also a fully licensed pilot took photography to a new level with his bird’s-eye view photographs. Alex MacLean, aged 67, had taken all the incredible photographs from the cockpit of his small Cessna 182 aircraft. Alex has been taking these stunning aerial shots ever since he graduated from Harvard and gaining a pilot’s license earlier in 1975. His photographs include images from all over the world, although majority of it includes everyday scenes from North America.

We know how hard it is to take a photo from a running car, but Alex had managed to take these stunning photos from his plane by sticking his camera out the cockpit window over the vibration of the plane.

Alex MacLean’s photographs have also made its way into several photography exhibitions. The most recent photography exhibition was at the Beetles & Huxley gallery which featured the work of Alex MacLean titled Aerial Perspectives.

Alex believes advances in technology during his 30-year career have definitely made some aspects easier.
‘When I started out, there wasn’t even auto focus,’ he said.
‘When you think of auto exposure, that’s a big thing. Of course, the biggest change was transitioning to digital photography, which had lots of advantages,’ MacLean added.

Images: Alex MacLean

1) Wheat fields Bird’s-Eye View

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