Artist Turns Dust on Vehicles into Incredible Dust Art

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Artist Turns Dust on Vehicles into incredible dust art
Nikita Golubev, a Russian artist and illustrator has figured out how to utilize filthy cars and the results are brilliant.

Nikita Golubev, also known as ProBoyNick transforms dirty cars into amazing dust artwork like you have never seen before.

For the last several weeks he’s been on a crusade transforming the streets of Moscow by scraping images onto filthy surfaces of cars and large semi-trucks. He creates all these incredible artwork by using only his fingers.

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Unfortunately, this artwork can be seen only by the people in Moscow, as he lives in the city. Luckily he uploads all of his work on Facebook and you can check out the complete gallery on Facebook below. Fittingly the incredible dust art series has been titled “Dirty Art” on Facebook and features several exotic animal murals.

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