Loving Couple Married for 75 years Die In Each Other’s Arms

Loving Couple Married for 75 years Die In Each Others Arms: Alexander (95) and Jeanette Toczko(95), an elderly couple in California who had been married for 75 years, recently passed away in each others arms within less than a day of each other, showing their love for each other until the very end. Their last loving embrace was documented by their beloved daughter Aimee Toczko-Cushman.couple-die-in-each-others-arms-5Alexander and Jeanette ‘dated’ since they were 8 and married in 1940. Several weeks ago, Alexander suffered a broken hip and became bedridden. Jeanette also fell ill, so a local hospice provided them with care beds where they could lie in each others arms.

Alexander and Jeanette often used to say to their children that they wanted to die in each others arm and that’s exactly what had just happened. The photos and the video clip below will tell you the whole story.
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Image source:10news, abc7

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