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    Shaolin Monk Sets World Record For Running Over Water

    Shaolin Monk Sets World Record For Running Over Water: Shi Liliang is a Shaolin monk who wanted to prove a lesson in concentration and trust. To do so he attempted and successfully completed a new world record by running over 125 meters of water. Liliang ran across thin, floating boards of plywood that were not […]

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    Guy Nearly Crushed to Death by a Large Falling Glass Panel

    Nearly Crushed to Death Saudi Arab Man is Nearly Crushed to Death by a Large Falling Glass Panel: I have seen so many nearest escapes, but this has to be the luckiest escape ever. God, he was so close. For a second there I almost thought it ripped his hand off. Lucky fellow. Also Read: Watch […]

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    Meet The Most Flexible Woman In The World

    Julia Günthel aka “Zlata” is considered by a number of people to be the most flexible woman in the planet. According to the doctors, this contortionist’s ligaments are as flexible as that of a baby. Zlata is from Kazakhstan who can do incredible things with her body, things that look they should snap her spine […]

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    10 Incredible Photos Of Animals Inside Their Mother’s Womb

    Peter Chinn, Executive Of “In The Womb: Extreme Animal’s” Series in National Geographic channel, he tried plenty of incredible technologies to take the ideal mind-blowing images of unborn animals, I am talking about animals in their mother’s womb. Every dangerous species that lives on earth looks cute when they lives in their mother’s womb and you can clearly see […]

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    These Awesome Furoshiki Shoes Will Fit All The Sizes

    Have you ever wished for a shoe that wraps around your feet you perfectly? Your wish has come true. We present to you The Furoshiki shoes from Italian company Vibram. Named after Japanese wrapping cloth, this shoe can fit feet of all shapes and sizes. It is designed by Masaya Hashimoto and uses Velcro rather […]

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    An Experiment That Proves Money Changes Everything

    An Experiment That Proves Money Changes Everything Here comes another mini experiment from Poland, in which prankster Sadam covered in faeces offers a sex worker money but the woman didn’t care. You won’t believe how this girl reacted after his offer went high! Also Read: Guy Pranks His Girlfriend In Best Bathroom Prank of all time! Sadam […]

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    Adorable Baby Pranks Dad with Fake Crying as He Tries to Trim Her Nails

    Adorable Baby Pranks Dad with Fake Crying – The video, uploaded on Facebook and YouTube, shows a man making numerous attempts to trim his infant daughter’s fingernails. Marcelinha, an adorable little girl in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has just become the internet’s cutest prankster after a video of her pranking her dad went viral. Each and […]

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    How They Make ‘Old Spice’ Commercials Will Blow Your Mind

    Old Spice commercials are well known around the world, but have you ever wondered how they make the beautiful and cinematic commercials? The videos below will show you side by side on how they are made, in one shot. And the best thing in seeing this is knowing many people usually think this kind of […]