Most Realistic Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Most Realistic Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas by David Harris
It’s a known fact that a lot of Hollywood movies that we love are nothing without special effects make up and these artists have extraordinary skills in makeup that even computer graphics cant do sometimes.

David Harris, a 23 year old who lives in Nottingham, England is a self taught special effects make up artists. David is undoubtedly one of the most impressive special effects make up artists you will ever see.

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All his makeup works looks like something out of a horror movie and will give you realistic scary Halloween makeup ideas. What’s more interesting is that Harris learned a lot of his tricks by watching only YouTube videos. David has a lot of inspiration from other such artists and and hopes to become a professional special effects make up artist someday.

He owns a YouTube channel where he teaches people on how these makeup effects are done. Follow Harris on Instagram Instagram page for more of his work and share this with your friends!

Image Source: Instagram

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