20+ Websites to Legally Download Free Digital Ebooks (2016)

20+ Websites to Legally Download Free Digital Ebooks (2016):

With the help of Internet, learning resources are infinite today. We can find all kinds of courses, books, notes, videos, or any kind of material to learn and use in education. Today, I would like to share a list of websites to legally download free digital Ebooks and read free without any copyright issues.

1) http://hundredzeros.com – This website is made in India and it collects links to free books from Amazon. It has version available in several languages.

2) http://freecomputerbooks.com – This is undoubtedly the best source for Free books that categorize in computer languages, mathematical books, technical books, lecture notes and tutorials.

3) http://www.freebooksifter.com – Freebook Sifter hunts down free Kindle ebooks for you every day. This handy site catalogs about 45,000 free e-books for your Kindle app or e-reader.

4) http://classicbook.info – As the name suggests, all the books are classics and the genres include history, science fiction, mystery, romance and children’s literature.

5) http://www.fiction.us – This is one of my favourites. It has a huge collection of novels, including famous works by Lewis Carroll, Willa Cather, Sherwood Anderson, Flaubert, George Eliot, F. Scott Fitzgerald and others.

6) https://www.gutenberg.org – Project Gutenberg is another site which might look ordinary but has over 50,000 free high quality ebooks. It offers free epub books and free kindle books. You can either download them or read them online.

7) http://books.google.co.in – Search and preview millions of digital books available from libraries and publishers all around the world using this book search. You can get details of book title, return books with the title and much more.

8) http://www.classic-literature.co.uk – Find novels and books by Famous British authors like Shakespeare, Jules Verne, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, and more.

9) https://play.google.com/store/books/collection/topselling_free – One of the best places to download high quality legitimate ebooks for your tablet, mobile, kindle or any other ebook readers.

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10) http://bookboon.com – Bookboon offers thousands of academic related books that are available in vast categories such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, IT Management, Personal Development etc.

11) http://www.bibliomania.com – This site has more than 5,000 classical books, quotations, study materials and reference books.

12) https://www.24symbols.com – This site has a section with free books from different genres to come down. Available in both Free and premium versions. First 30 days are on them, you can use the site for free for the first 30 days.

13) http://www.pagebypagebooks.com – Pagebypagebooks is a bit different from the rest. It has a collection of famous Speech by famous personalities such as Barrack Obama, F.D Roosevelt, George W. Bush etc. You can also find classic books by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells.

14) http://shakespeare.mit.edu – Any fan of Shakespeare should definitely check this site. MIT offers all of Shakespeare’s comedies, tragedies, and histories available for reading to common users.

15) http://manybooks.net – It has are more than 33,000 free eBooks available in 36 languages for Kindle, Nook, iPad and other eReaders.

16) https://www.free-ebooks.net – Interesting site with a incredible amount of digitized books completely free.

17) http://www.ebook3000.com – A huge library of free ebook downloads with over 36 categories available which include Audiobooks, Encyclopedia, Newspaper, Poetry etc.

18) http://pdfgive.net – A PDF search engine that works like an online library, which offers free ebook download for everyone without any time limit or charges. Remember, this site also has copyrighted materials, so check twice before downloading.

19) https://openlibrary.org – The Open Library has more than 1 million ebooks available for free download. It is an open and editable library catalog where you can easily search any book by the title, author and subject.

20) http://www.poemhunter.com – Poemhunter lets you to find and download free poems, quotations and lyrics.

21) https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Main_Page – This list will not be complete without the worlds best resource of information “Wikipedia”. Wikibooks consists of 2,821 books with 52,643 pages. These are open-content textbooks collection that anyone can edit.

I will update this list on a regular basis to legally download free digital Ebooks. If you knew any other websites, mention it in the comments below.

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